1. Ready or Not, Big Change is Coming: The Impending Death of Private Health Insurance
  2. Private Insurers’ Goals: Good Targets or Cynical PR?
  3. “Expanding Access to Care”: Health Insurers Magic at Work
  4. “Saving” Medicare By Killing It :  Another Victory For Republicans, Industry And Their Lobbyists
  5. Exploiting The Market Under The Guise Of Innovation
  6. Choice In Private Health Plans: Is It Real?
  7. The Overturned Medicare Veto: A Good First Step Toward Resolving The Problems Of Privatization
  8. Wake Up and Smell the Health Insurance: The Key to Turning Around Starbucks
  9. Posturing Coalitions: The Latest Attempt To Block Health Care Reform
  10. Market Mythology in Health Care: Why Markets Can Never Control Health Care Costs
  11. Market-Driven Inflation of Health Care Costs and Spreading Hardships
  12. In Global Recession, Health Care Reform Which Saves Money Is An Economic Imperative
  13. The Sham and Shame of the Health Reform "Debate": The Charade Goes On
  14. Societal Blind Spots As Barriers To Health Care Reform
  15. Medicare Points the Way to Genuine Health Care Reform - co-authored by Deb Burger of the CNA / New Jersey Star-Ledger
  16. Corpocracy vs. Democracy in Health Care Reform
  17. Health Care Reform 2009: A Train Wreck in Slow Motion
  18. Individual Mandates: Expensive Policy Failure And Bonanza For Insurers And Market Stakeholders
  19. Employer Mandates: Why Perpetuate a Broken System?
  20. The Public Option: Dead by Pen Strokes In Congressional Committees
  21. Subsidizing Our Way To Affordable Health Insurance: A Futile And Unaffordable Quest
  22. Cancer and Comparative Effectiveness Research - Hastings Center
  23. "Facts" About American Health Care Revisited
  24. Exchanges, Co-Ops and Cop-Outs on Health Care Reform
  25. Health Care "Reform" 2009 The Fallacy of Affordability and Cost Containment
  26. Fiscal Conservatism and Health Care Reform: A Bipartisan No-Brainer
  27. The Corporate “Alliance” For Health Care Reform I: Pledges, Agendas, Tactics And Likely Rewards The Insurance Industry
  28. The Corporate “Alliance” For Health Care Reform - II. The Drug Industry
  29. The Corporate Alliance for Health Care Reform III. The Hospital Industry
  30. The Corporate “Alliance” For Health Care Reform: IV –Business
  31. The Corporate “Alliance” For Health Care Reform: V – Organized Medicine
  32. The Corporate "Alliance" For Health Care Reform: VI – Serving Themselves or the Public?
  33. Republicans Defending Medicare: Duplicity Beyond Belief.
  34. A Death Every 12 Minutes: The Price of Not Having Medicare For All
  35. Health Care Reform: Time For An End Run
  36. Health Care Reform 2009: No Bill is Better Than a Bad Bill
  37. The Affordable Health Care For America Act (HR 3962): Enough Reform To Succeed?
  38. Hijacked—Stolen Health Care Reform I: Why Health Care Costs Will Not Be Contained
  39. Hijacked—Stolen Health Care Reform II: - Why will health care become much less affordable?
  40. HijackedStolen Health Reform III: How much will access to care be expanded?
  41. Hijacked – Stolen health care reform IV: Will the quality of care improve?
  42. Hijacked – Stolen health care reform V: Overall assessment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA)
  43. Impact of Disparities on Access and Quality of Cancer Care
  44. Will Health Care Reform 2010 Improve Access And Quality of Cancer Care?
  45. Lessons From the Inevitable Failure of Health Care Reform 2010
  46. Waiving Away Affordability of Health Care
  47. The Decline Of Primary Care: The Silent Crisis Undermining U.S. Health Care
  48. Rebutting Right-Wing Market Propaganda
  49. Upside Down Health Care: Why it matters
  50. Myths and Misperceptions About Primary Care
  51. Rebuilding Primary Care: A Multifaceted Challenge
  52. ‘Moral Hazard’ In Health Care: Duplicity On Steroids
  53. Health Care: a Casualty of Class Warfare
  54. Live or Die: Do We Care Anymore?
  55. Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: Time to Pronounce it Dead?
  56. Don't Disgard Pay-Go Option - OpEd Seattle Times (Print Edition)
  57. Personhood: Casualty of Modern Medicine